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Silicon Infusion was established over ten years ago and has a successful history of providing unique and innovative technical solutions to the wireless telecommunications industry. Specialising in complex digital communications technology, our global client list includes organisations from many diverse market sectors - from broadcast and telecoms equipment manufacturers to military solutions providers.

We developed the Zaltys suite of products, which are used for the efficient, high-speed transmission of voice, video and data. Zaltys modem cores are currently being used in many third-party products, carrying many thousands of user connections on a daily basis.


Here's what a couple of our customers think about us and our products....




Colin Mackay, Vice President of Engineering for Teledyne Paradise Datacom, “Silicon Infusion has provided a number of IP cores to Paradise over a number of years. They are an exceptional company in every way. Doing business with them has always been very straightforward – they do what they say and on the few occasions we have run into any sort of issue they have always been on hand to resolve things speedily to our satisfaction. I can’t think of another supplier who has performed consistently so well.”



According to Andy Standen, Product Manager for Digital Broadcast for Anritsu, "Silicon Infusion was able to offer Anritsu a high-performance and high-quality ISDB-T demodulator that met or exceeded all our requirements. Integration with our hardware was straightforward, helped by the excellent support from the team at Silicon Infusion."




Silicon Infusion Limited is a privately held company based in Watford, UK.

Enodia, Zaltys, ZEDwire, ZEDcommunicator & ZEDstreamer are trademarks of Silicon Infusion Limited.