Zaltys Off-the-Shelf is a range of ready-made Intellectual Property cores for use in FPGA and ASIC. They can be delivered in a variety of formats, the most popular being FPGA netlist for incorporation into a customers overall design.

We provide customisation services for all our cores, allowing them to be tailored to individual customer needs. We are also happy to consider the development of completely new cores and functions, especially when these are related to our key competence of Digital Communications.   

We have a very active ongoing core development program, in response to customer needs and global standards developments. If what you need is not on these pages, then please contact our Sales Team - we may already be working on it!


ZEDwire Communicator showing 64QAMThe Zaltys ZEDwire Communicator software connects directly to the Zaltys Evaluation Platform (ZMP-001) via the ZEDwire interface. The software allows the user to directly control and interact with Zaltys cores such as  HDRM-M modulator and the HDRM-D(2)demodulator. Hardware registers can be read, written and monitored, and register configurations can be scripted and automatically loaded. Statistics information can be downloaded and written to files for further offline processing.


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