High Data Rate Demodulator (HDRM-D)

The Zaltys High Data Rate Demodulator (HDRM-D) IP core efficiently realizes the digital baseband section of a high performance modem receive path. Using sophisticated DSP techniques, the core can demodulate BPSK, QPSK, offset-QPSK (OQPSK), 8PSK & 16QAM schemes, all to a high performance level and at high symbol rates.

Functional blocks include:

  • Radio Interface including AGC
  • Quasi-Zero IF to Baseband Conversion
  • Sample Decimation
  • Symbol Timing Recovery
  • Carrier Recovery

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Technical Features
Versatile & high performance digital demodulation engine
Close to theoretical performance
Continuously variable baud rates
Supports typical rates of 4.9kbaud to 40Mbaud with 100MHz clock
Four matched filter configurations
Fast acquisition algorithm
Coarse & fine frequency scans
High probability of first pass acquisition
Status interface reports real-time demodulation state
Simple microprocessor interface (SMPI)
Comes with software driver in C
Fully programmable via microprocessor interface
Suitable for FPGA or ASIC
Synchronous with single clock
Proven by multiple customers in multiple applications