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Delivery Systems

We offer four primary licensing models for our IP cores. These are:

  • Single-Project Netlist (project-based, FPGA-specific)
  • Multi-Project Netlist (site-based, FPGA-specific)
  • Multi-Project VHDL (site-based, source-code)
  • Multi-Project VHDL & C (site-based, full-capability)

The "full-capability" option provides all the VHDL source code, C models and MATLAB® models. It also includes additional documentation which details the algorithms used in the design, allowing fine tuning of system performance. Site based licenses can be used in multiple projects. FPGA-specific netlists are available for multiple vendors, including Xilinx, Altera & Lattice.

A typical set of deliverables is shown in the table below. Please note that not all deliverables are available with all licence types.



Hardware Guide 

Programming Guide 

Simulation Guide 

Architectural Overview*

Advanced Programming Guide*

* full capability licence only

Design Formats

Technology Specific Netlist 

VHDL Source*

MATLAB® Model**

*source & full capability licences

**full capability licence only


FPGA Constraints Guideline File 


VHDL Testbench 


VHDL & verilog Instantiation Templates 


3 Months Support Included 

For very low volume applications, we also offer the ability to supply FPGA devices pre-programmed with the required IP core. Please contact our Sales Team with your requirements to see if we can support this delivery mechanism.