The Zaltys Terrestrial Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting Demodulator (ISDBT-D) IP core is a 3-layer ISDB-T hierarchical demodulator compatible with the ARIB STD-B31 standard. The core connects to an RF frontend via one or two fixed-rate ADCs (real or complex baseband) and performs the necessary processing to recover 3 separate transport streams carried on 3 separate layers within an ISDB-T broadcast channel. Sophisticated error-correction and channel equalisation techniques ensure excellent performance whilst ready access to error-rate metrics allows real-time system operation to be monitored and optimised.

Functional blocks include:


  • Radio interface with IF mixer and AGC
  • Sample rate matching channel filters
  • Signal mode detection correlators
  • 2K, 4K or 8K FFT processing
  • Interpolating channel estimator
  • One-tap channel equaliser
  • TMCC decoder with error correction
  • Time and frequency deinterleavers
  • Three independent inner layer decoders
  • Outer Reed Solomon decoder
  • Three independent layer output FIFOs
  • Online BER, MER and PER monitor
  • Optional per-layer PRBS based BERT
  • Optional DSP data capture block


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